Our Services

Weldun features two efficient departments Weldun Digital, specializing in digital content and Weldun Studios specializing in Film and Television content. Fueled by innovative and inspired African creative’s, Weldun is committed to producing global timeless work.

A creative media and production company

The Weldun Digital department manages the services offerings for viral campaigns, specialised social media content, brand videos, animated content, design and illustration projects.


The Weldun Studios  are fully quipped to manage film, television, commercials, music videos, animation and photography projects from storyboarding to final production.

Our Departments

Digital Services

Brand Videos

Our target Brand videos are conceptualised to elevate your brand through vivd and imaginative storytelling

Animated Content

Digitally transforming video, photography, design and illustration into exciting animated content

Viral Campaigns

Effective strategies and expert advise that we will implement to ensure a viral boost for you and yourbrand

Design & Illustration

Hand drawn to digitally enhanced designs and illustrations to creatively embellish your concepts

Social Media

Specialised content curated to specific needs and target audiences, placing you at the center of the social hub

Studio Services


Broadcasting our work across a range of television channels both locally and globally


Our studios provide a diverse range of production for film, television, commercials, music videos and animation


Weldun works with big brands and the everyday individual to expand their exposure on large scale commercial productions


Welduns design and illustrations merge with our creative Animators to bring any 2D or 3D project uniquely alive


Experience the effects of professional lighting, shooting and editing by our talented creatives

Music Videos

Our vibrant team of directors and filmographers will work together to artfully capture your music and choreography into a well edited music video