Kgosana Monchusi is a Soweto born and bred creative who discovered his love of entertainment at a very young age. During his time in high school Kgosana started performing at talent shows and tapped into his talent and love for music. Upon completing High school, he enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2006 to study Music, during this time he fell in love with film composition and subsequently his passion for film.

After completing his Bachelor of Music (Honors) degree in 2010, Kgosana started working in the TV industry composing and working as an audio engineer for production companies. During this 3-year period Kgosana worked for Clive Morris Productions and absorbed and learned as much as possible from fellow creatives and friends, teaching himself how to edit, film and direct. He then decided to freelance for various production companies to further grow his skill set working on several shows including, Forever Young, Clifton Shores, 50/50, Crimes Uncovered, Sketch You Later, The “B” Ball Show.

In 2013 Kgosana and his long-time High School friend and business partner Juvais Dunn registered Weldun Media (Pty) Ltd and started shooting short videos for friends, word got out about the new talented creatives and small brands began booking the two young producers for work. Due to the growing demand of work Kgosana and his business partner Juvais Dunn officially started focusing on the business, since then the business has worked with some of the biggest brands including Ster-Kinekor, Empire Entertainment, Lucozade, Tastic and in 2016 the business finally realized the dream of producing TV shows when BET commissioned the company to produce BET Buzz a daily 2 min entertainment show. To date Weldun Media has produced several TV shows including BET A-list (2017), This is Africa (2018), Laugh in Your Language (2018) Hashtags (2019).

Kgosana now works full-time as a 50% owner and director of Weldun Media, guiding the overall creative direction and production quality of all the work produced by the company. The company is currently in production on The Big Secret Season 2 (BET), Hashtags (eExtra) including its first short film “Opus” scheduled for release later this year which is written and directed by Kgosana.